Altered Statement specializes in unique one of a kind
hand dyed hemp fabrics and clothing.

Who knew Hemp could be so comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable!

Friday, February 29, 2008

So what do you do with one extra day in the year (Leap Day)

Me? Start a blog for one, but I also turned in my submission to the Portland Mercury's spring fashion show and to be vendors at High Sierra Music Festival.

I'm hoping that Leap Day is a portal opening to manifesting energy into reality.

In preparing our materials and portfolio to be submitted, we were asked to make a written statement about our process and inspiration. I'm not sure if I did a good job of answering this, but here it is:

"Altered Statement specializes in unique hand dyed hemp clothing. We strive to push past old concepts of what hemp fabric is and step out side the box of drab eco-friendly fashions. We use a variety of amazing hemp fabrics blended with tencel, organic cotton, silk, and recycled polyester with our low impact dyes in woven, knits, corduroy, silks, and velour fabrics. Since we hand dye all of our own fabrics we have the ability to control all creative aspects of our one of a kind wearable art designs.
Altered Statement is the collaboration of two both creative and talented artists, Ang and Ian, who work closely in all aspects of the design, art and finished look. There’s something very organic about the process of our design. Ian hand dyes the fabric which is often the inspiration to Ang’s concept in design, Ian then brings detail to in the art appliqu├ęs, and Ang sews the finished piece. Color is definitely a focus of our work, especially when eco-friendly fabrics are extremely limited to natural tone colors. Our style is an infusion of our own eclectic tastes and interests.
Altered Statement has always stood as our own personal statement for the progression of hemp products. We try to educate, support, and demand change surrounding its viability and superiority as a textile, crop, and industry. We hope that our fabrics and fashion help change perspectives about hemp textiles, to create more of demand in the supply, and in the process change current US laws to re-authorize industrial hemp production.

Please visit our online portfolio at

and our website:"

I had a hard time trying to answer what my process and inspiration is, as an individual and as a collaboration, as a designer and an artist... so I thought I'd start to blog about it, as I discovered and defined it. I hope to record and document as many pieces of the process and where my inspiration comes from for each time and collection, from start to finish.
I already have the concept sketches started for the next collection and I will upload them soon. Next will come Ian's applique art, construction, and final piece.

So subscribe, stay tuned, check back, or whatever bloggers do....