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hand dyed hemp fabrics and clothing.

Who knew Hemp could be so comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

somethings coming.... shhhh, wait for it.... wait for it...

I know it's been a while since I posted (or more so, made things available to purchase)... and I'm not even sure who's out there listening any more... between changes in our mailinglist, being spread between our website, myspace, Etsy, and here on our blog... I'm not sure who's connected with us any more. We've been pretty busy and haven't been able to make it interesting around here to keep anyone coming back... but we hope to streamline a few things and make sure you all know all the great things we're up to.
For now we'll be making all our updates here on our blog, showcasing some collections we're taking to High Sierra (in just a month!!), and when we get back we'll be making our remaining inventory available to purchase through our website.
As you see things come up through our blog that you love, and have to have, you might want to put in your custom order now (to be filled starting July 10th and all orders to be shipped by September 2nd in the order they are received).

Click Here to find out more about placing an order.

More bloggy sneak peaks to come... I've been working hard! I hope to share them online by the end of the weekend. If you're in the Portland area and want to model, let me know! It's so much more personal than a dress form picture!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Process - hand dyeing

We've been hand dyeing all of our own hemp (blend) fabrics since 2003. It started with our first 100 yards of muslin. We had a hard time finding hemp fabrics in anything but it's natural raw form, so we started hand dyeing to have more than the 5 color choices the factory dyed fabrics came in. Today I think they are up to 10 factory dyed colors, but we've broken out of those limitations and have grown our hand dyeing to over 200 color choices and patterns, in almost a dozen different hemp blend fabrics including our *new* muslin with organic cotton, jersey, hempcel, silk, and recycled polyester.We have two different dyeing techniques we use. Vat or tub dyeing (check out our dye suppliers instructions: where we use trash cans and our 86" sink and hoses. This technique (along with lots of time and muscles) produces our even solid dyed fabrics. We also use a low water immersion technique in small containers for our marinades to give a marbled effect or pattern. This technique uses less water and salt, making it that much healthier for the environment in less consumption.We are now line drying all or our fabric, as our 'just one (more) thing' to help the environment in the business (and personal) practices we are committed to. All of our fabrics and clothing are machine wash and dry able, but we encourage you to think about energy consumption and try to do 'just one thing' to cut down... if not the dryer maybe something else?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Donation Drive for the HIA from the Etsy Hempsters!

Etsy Hempsters is a global Etsy street team of independent artists using and promoting hemp in their handmade products. Our goals are to share and support each other in our work; promote and educated about industrial hemp; and advocate for political change in current laws which keep the United States the only industrialized nation with out this billion dollar a year industrial crop. Support eco-friendly alternatives, support independent artists, support Etsy Hempsters

Our *First* team event is a donation drive to benefit the HIA (Hemp Industries Association)... check it out here:

Buy Handmade
Support Hand made with Hemp by supporting Etsy Hempsters and help out the Hemp Industries Association by supporting our Donation Drive.