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Who knew Hemp could be so comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hempy Earth Day!

In celebration of providing alternative eco-friendly hand dyed hemp clothing, we're unveiling our *newest* original Altered Statement design!
I have been very inspired to try my 'cyber geisha' design... which turned more organic as I went and resulted in a bit of a twist from where it started.
You can see more pictures and views in our Flickr photo portfolio.

The base is an avocado marinaded french terry knit with black light weight hemp/organic cotton jersey trim. The hood and lower sleeves are doubled light weight jersey in black and an avocado into black/eggplant marinade. The lower sleeves bell or you can tie them up in a ruched effect. The skirt underneath is a hemp/tencel circle skirt in the same avocado into black/eggplant marinade to match.

The design of this jacket is a bit oriental with a wrapped front that ties on each side for a double breasted fit. There are four sets of ties on the inside, on the outside where it meets and an ornamental set on the opposite outside (these ties are from a black hemp/organic cotton light muslin). The oriental design continues in the curves and panels in the front and back in almost a warrior look. The hood and sleeves bring some eclectic flare.

We hope to take custom orders of this design for early fall, so stay tuned... or join our mailinglist for special offers and notices. Sign up on our website