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Friday, July 18, 2008

More new designs!

As we posted before we left for High Sierra, we have some new designs! Now that we're back we can post the rest of that collection.
I was hesitant to work with jersey knit, but I'm over that now, and LOVING this new yoga wear line. (I'm not sure what that really means, yoga wear, but I can say these clothes are super comfy to wear!). We have some new knits coming in middle of August (cross our fingers) and once we get it dyed up we'll have this new line available! We are taking limited custom orders, so be sure to drop us an email if you have some ideas.
A friend challenged me to start working with jersey. I first came up with the black and avocado set (featured a couple blogs back). Everything worked for her, except the tube top/skirt. She wanted more support and to be able to wear it with a bra.... so I came up with this amazing rouched top. It has so much adjustability in style and looks amazing on many body types (as does this whole collection).

The pictures aren't the greatest, but we're gearing up for a photo shoot in September/October... with a fashion show October 3rd, here in Portland. If you're interested in helping out in any way, want to work some trades out, please let me know!

Okay, back to the collection... in addition to the adjustable pants in the last blog I made a flare legged version (for my friend Megzz! in all her hooper fashion) and although I'm still tweaking the pattern, I love the base pants itself. Super comfy! The weight of the fabric is just enough to feel the quality, but the fabric itself breathes and doesn't just sit on you. *There are more pictures on our website and flickr account.*

As I was over at Teje's taking pictures, her neighbor was hanging out front and volunteered to model (I'm always up for variety in models, since all I have at home is the dressform). This outfit is maybe a size too big for her, but it depends on preference and what you want.

One of the best things to this collection is the versatility... be creative, try it up, down, or as something else. Our rouched tube top/skirt is a perfect example. Wear it as a top or skirt (by itself or over pants/skirt). There is a drawstring (with a smidge of elastic for comfort) at the top, and strings at the side to gather and rouch as much or little as you want. Maybe even try it as a dress?

And to top it all off is our wrapped hooded bolero! I blogged about it in a couple posts back, click here.

And don't forget the Warrior Wrap click here.

A full photo shoot coming soon!! As well as a fashion show October 3rd in Portland, Oregon. We'll have many more designs including our "In the Works" peacock skirt and even a peacock stilting outfit... yes, we hope to have some stilting models walking tall in the crowd at our fashion show... should be good times!

Stay Tuned...

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