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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bringing color and funk to eco-friendly fashions

Color and our own hand dyed fabrics are often the inspiration and drive of Altered Statement designs. When we started 5 years ago we knew then that hemp choices were limited and usually only came in it's natural raw form. On select fabrics colors were limited to a few basic colors. It was important for us to find the freedom to work with the hemp fabrics in everything we did, so we started hand dyeing our own fabric with low impact, fiber reactive dyes. Over the years, tears, and lessons we are proud to say that we have created and used such beautiful, progressive and sustainable specialty fabrics.
With the hard work of our supplier Envirotextile we can offer such amazing hemp blends with organic cotton, tencel, silk, and recycled polyester for new generation fabrics like eco-friendly hemp stretch velour. I am inspired all the time by the variety of fabrics available in all our beautiful hand dyed colors, stack like jewels on my shelves... waiting to be created into all the visions in my head.
I hope to focus on the colors and contrasts in my designs and step out side the box of eco-friendly fashions as being drab and stereotyped. When they see my work and creations I want people to think, "wow, that's hemp?!". Between the fabrics themselves and design, I want to change people's perspectives of what hemp fabrics and fashions are.

I was inspired by this photo by Brian Latta with Megzz in our RockStar outfit as the concept for our submission into the Portland Mercury's spring fashion show. With the help and talent of our lovely friends Megzz and Matt spinning LED flow toys and PSI hoops... color changing, spinning, flowing while they dance in hot hemp Altered Statement fashions as our art installation if accepted into the Portland Mercury's spring fashion show (so send some vibes our way). I want to work off of color and the energy through Megzz and Matt and reflect that in our runway collection. Or at least that's what I'm envisioning ...

more designs and visuals in my process to come as this collection develops (whether or not we see the runway).

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