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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break!

As some one who works on a school calendar I get to enjoy a week off for spring break! As a teacher... I need (and or deserve) it! The reality is all it means is now I have time to catch up on my 'other' work. What I'm really waiting for is having the summer off! I'm hoping to work on the website and all my projects, hopefully vend at High Sierra, and get more inventory up and available.
A week will go by so fast! And there's so much to do... or at least I have a ton planned that I hope gets done.
I will have a new collection of clothing uploaded to the website on Monday 3/24/08. I'm on a new little kick with ruffles and wraps... I wish I could put this entire collection together, take more professional pictures, and then unveil it... but the reality of business is sales. I'll have hopefully 5 or 6 new pieces available in this first batch coming Monday, including two apron top and ruffle/tiered skirt sets (hemcpel and light weight muslin), three short wraps (hempcel), and hopefully a wrap dress and ruffle/tiered skirt set (muslin and light muslin).
We'll continue to work over the next week to upload another batch to this collection including some jersey wrap hoodies, a 'changes' hip belt and pouches, and more hempcel skirts for Sunday 3/30/08. We're also working on some guys clothes, coming early summer.

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