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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Endless possibilities in eco-chic!

I'm personally proud of this next series of dresses. I can't say exactly what the inspiration was for the original design, but at times I even amaze myself. I love everything about it; how the h/oc (hemp/organic cotton) jersey contrasts with the h/oc corduroy; how beautiful the v cut bodice reflects how the jersey ruffles at the shoulders and down the back; how the jersey drawstring waist slims down the aline cut skirt portion down to the flowing jersey ruffle; the hip belt and pouch; and the endless possibilities in how to wear it! And of course I love Ian's beautiful hand dyed fabrics, even though he's always hated my color combination of this original.

One of the unique parts to this dress was the new (to us) appliqué technique of straight stitching on the jersey in far enough to let the edge roll and flutter and then stitching again further in, giving quilting the appliqué. I love the effect this gives and how it compliments the ruffles in the bodice straps and at the bottom.

I can't say enough how much I love this dress, and how proud it makes me.

I'm proud of the detail I put in to this and how much it was worth it. So here it is....

The Teal Tribal Butterfly Dress is available for $262 and the Dusty Rose Dove Dress is $212, both with free shipping. Customizing alterations available (hemming is $10 and taking it in to a smaller size $25). More pictures will be coming soon.
The Black and White Spiral Crop Circle Dress is available for $265, but I need to redo the bodice so if you need this taken in to a smaller size there will be no charge for customizing alterations (free shipping also applies).

For more pictures please check out our online portfolio:

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